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What's new in this edition?

Everything! This edition has new authors, and we wrote this book from scratch. Not only did we try to cover most of the new features of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, we also wanted to take a different approach to teaching Dreamweaver.

What kind of new approach?

We think that too many of the other Dreamweaver books out there rely on old-style methods for creating sites and pages with Dreamweaver, such as using tables for layout and font tags for styling text. Those methods aren't appropriate anymore, especially because Dreamweaver 8 has great tools for creating and using CSS. So our book walks readers through building sites the modern way, respecting Web standards throughout. We still show people how to do things the old-fashioned ways (because some people have special requirements for using those methods), but we focus on teaching modern methods and using best practices.

What isn't in this book?

Dreamweaver 8 is such a huge and complex program, and you can do so much with it, that we and Peachpit Press, our publisher, decided to publish two books covering Dreamweaver's features. Our book shows how to use Dreamweaver to build static sites. If you want to use Dreamweaver to build dynamic sites, which use a database to build pages on the fly, check out Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide, written by Lucinda Dykes.

Can I ask you questions?

Sure you can, as long as they're about things in our book that weren't clear. All we ask is that you actually own our book (Adobe has a big tech support staff, and we can't compete with them), and that you send us email at the book's email address listed in either the book's Introduction or in Appendix A. We regret that because of the large volume of email that we get, we cannot, and will not, answer email about the book sent to our personal email addresses. Unfortunately, due to the danger of computer viruses being spread with e-mail attachments, we cannot accept any messages with attachments.

I didn't buy your book. I bought somebody else's book instead. Can I ask you about the one that I bought?

Sorry, no. Go talk to the author of the other book.